Put simply, our mission is to improve how kids are introduced
to life sciences.


First of all: why is this needed at all?

While STEM careers dominate parent wish lists for their kids future, too many kids give up on these paths far too early and for the wrong reasons. Our bioscientist founders know this not only from publicly-available education research statistics, but also from their own firsthand observations over decades of K-12 outreach activities, as well as ample feedback from K-12 science teachers.

The ongoing boom in STEM education apps, most of which have so far focused on math, physics and coding, is showing great promise in addressing this issue. Life sciences, which encompass many of the most sought-after STEM careers, are now poised to also start benefitting from these same innovations, and we at InukshukBio are uniquely positioned to help drive this.

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To learn more about how we’re approaching this,
here’s a closer look at that tag line from our header…

1. Crafting
2. Out-of-school learning
3. Apps to engage and guide
4. Kids of all ages
5. With the deepest wonders of life sciences


inukshuk1. So, what do we mean by “Crafting”?inukshuk

To be more formal and precise: we will design, develop and commercialize our own products for worldwide distribution directly to end-users, i.e. mostly kids and their families.

But to us, it really is about “crafting”, a combination of vision, passion, creativity, focus, rigor, skill and, ultimately, a deep pride in boldly, smartly, carefully tackling the tough stuff and doing it right.

And what does ‘doing it right’ mean? To us this includes:







inukshuk2. Why “out-of-school learning”?

By leapfrogging the myriad local variations in school curricula, we can more readily help a far larger number of kids on a truly global scale, especially those who need it most, i.e. who are less receptive to school in the first place. In fact, many kids around the world now have easier access to mobile phones than to schools. 

Second, by reaching kids smartly and carefully within their own “comfort zone”, we can boost their engagement and provide guidance on these topics in ways that are often difficult to achieve in the classroom, complementing and facilitating the teachers’ work.

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inukshuk3. What kind of “apps to engage and guide”?

Our flagship products will be educational apps available on mobile and desktop platforms, all designed to boost kids’ ENGAGEMENT and provide expert GUIDANCE on life sciences:


Our “front-end” products will enable kids to only notice the fun while happily soaking up key life science concepts that will “prime” them for school.



Our innovative “back-end” complements classroom life science content by enabling kids to dig deeper at their own pace into both the sciences and the careers.

inukshuk4. Which kids will we serve?

We intend to reach ALL kids ages 6 and up, using 3 age-adapted product lines tailored in every way to the specific needs, preferences and basic realities of each age group, namely 6-10, 11-15 and 16+

Our products will be sold globally, leveraging the worldwide direct-to-customer online distribution enabled by mobile and desktop app stores, and will be made preferentially accessible to under-privileged communities.

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inukshuk5. And what do we mean by “the deepest wonders of life sciences”?

We aim to complement the few life science-focused EdTech efforts which are already out there by going where most of these tend to leave off: digging deeper into the “nuts and bolts” of life and tackling those “harder-to-teach” areas that stand to benefit most from a little extra help.

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