Why is this needed at all?

Here’s the longer answer:

In fact, we’re targeting two main areas of need:


Recent findings show that by grade 8, fully HALF of US kids have already given up on STEM careers. Far too often, this happens for the wrong reasons, based on kids’ misperceptions that these topics are too tough, too intimidating, or not relatable enough. The ongoing -and much welcome- boom in K-12 focused STEM educational technologies is creating great new tools for correcting this, but the vast majority of these have so far focused only on the “TEM” part (i.e. Technology, Engineering and Math), leaving the “S”, or Science, part markedly underserved.

Of these, the more biomedically-relevant areas of life sciences stand out as an especially regrettable blind spot, both in view of their broad range of highly desirable career paths, and considering their fundamental societal importance as direct drivers for the wellbeing of humanity and of the living world around us.


The second area of need concerns older kids who, as they begin to think about their professional future, often lack a clear view of what life science careers are really all about.

While insights into various other fields are often readily available, accurate personalized guidance from true experts on the realities of today’s wide and diverse range of life science career paths is often lacking, failing too many kids at this crucial stage. This is particularly acute in underprivileged communities, where it further worsens socio-economic inequalities.

This is a challenge that our biologist founders are uniquely well suited to tackle, both from their global networks of scientist colleagues, and from their own decades of firsthand experience participating in career guidance and educational outreach events in the US, Canada, Europe and elsewhere across the world.

It’s clear that efforts to improve how kids are introduced to life sciences and other STEM areas must start early and must be sustained throughout K-12, carefully adapting strategies to the different needs arising along the way.

This, in fact, defines the scope of our mission and the core of our strategy.

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