…And what do we mean by
“the deepest wonders of life sciences”?

Here’s the longer answer:


Of the relatively few life science-focused EdTech offerings already out there, most successes tend to focus on the more relatable, easier-to-teach, “lower-hanging fruit” of wildlife (zoology, basic physiology), the environment (ecology) and basic anatomy.

While many of these are wonderful in every way, and some indeed offer good entry points into life sciences,
the thing is, this subset of topics represents only a narrow slice of life sciences overall, and they typically are NOT the ones that kids or their teachers struggle with most often.

We therefore aim to complement these efforts by continuing where they typically leave off, focusing more on the “deeper” aspects of life sciences, digging into the nuts and bolts of life’s most intricate “machinery”. These “tougher-to-teach” areas ARE the ones that often represent more significant roadblocks for students, and that therefore stand to benefit most from extra help like ours.

They also happen to include some of the most important core foundations for ALL modern biomedical sciences (and the basis of many Nobel prizes…), such as cellular, molecular and developmental biology. A key part of our challenge, i.e. making these typically-microscopic phenomena more relatable, will involve highlighting how these impact our macroscopic world, and putting it in a context that is appealing to the kids we aim to help.

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