What’s this “inukshuk” name and logo, you wonder?


“Inukshuk” (pronounced “in-ook-shook”) is the Inuit word for specific piles of stones typically arranged into human forms, long used by indigenous Arctic peoples as navigational markers, to help guide them during long travels across the vast, often featureless wilds of the far north.

These iconic structures represent potent symbols for both the fundamental core of our company mission, i.e. to help guide kids on their journey, and of the resilience, ingenuity and courage that are vital to the success of any major enterprise.

Astute observers will also recognize how our logo echoes another timeless image:
Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic “Vitruvian Man”. His life-long quest to better understand the inner workings of life and the world around us, combined with his artistic genius, together epitomize excellence at the intersection of science, education and the arts:
apt inspiration for our own work here at InukshukBio.


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