Introducing BioDreams™:
Our Stealth Learning Game Series for Ages 6-10

Follow Axo™ & Lotl™ in their nightly adventures 
where they’ll need your help to defeat evil magic using futuristic tools and real science!

Stealth learning games:
pure fun on top,
solid science beneath

Kids will only continue playing a new game IF it’s fun.
But when they do, they’ll typically soak up 
huge amounts of surprisingly complex game knowledge 
that they need to get better and better at it.
THIS is exactly what we’re leveraging: 
our BioDreams™ game series will provide richly immersive fun to keep 
kids engaged while their progression just happens to be driven not by the usual mythical monsters and weaponry, but rather by carefully-presented, real science.
Focusing on a single-player, role-playing games that define episodes in a continuing long-term storyline, this edugame approach offers a top form of 
Experiential or Discovery-based learning,
 among today’s most effective instructional designs.
Each game in the series will be a single “BioDream” 
whose narrative, mission and challenges 
will also carry a fun set of life science-related 
take-home messages and learning goals.

Seeding key concepts
to painlessly prime kids
for school

Our BioDreams™ games gently expose young kids to 
“deeper” life science concepts that will come up 
for most of them in late elementary or middle school.
The goal is NOT memorization of detailed science facts 
but rather, building up a basic familiarity with 
key topics to make them less intimidating, easier to learn 
when these will eventually show up in school.
With each new game, we present its learning content upfront 
so that parents can understand what their kids may get out of it 
even before starting the download.

Safe, age-appropriate fun

Our designs will reflect our careful attention to age-adaptation across cultures, including calibrating the complexity of scientific content, puzzles and other challenges, the overall styling and themes, 
as well as narrative plot drivers.
A small example: at this age, kids are typically building up their reading skills: in order to encourage this process while also ensuring that play proceeds smoothly, our games all include user-switchable voice-overs for all key text appearing on screen.
Finally, as parents ourselves, our first priority is to ensure that our games are completely worry-free for all fellow parents out there:

Introducing our inaugural BioDreams™ game:
The CytoKroma Rescues™

In this first BioDream™, Axo™ & Lotl™’s mission to find and rescue helpless victims of the evil wizard Teratox will require fearless exploration, astute navigation and careful observation! To succeed, they must build up new skills and knowledge, using futuristic tools and real science to boldly solve living puzzles as they seek to reverse Teratox’s nasty CytoKroma spell… BUT: they can’t do it without you!


The CytoKroma Rescues™
is under development:
Check back soon for new demos!

Training up Empathetic Thinkers, 
not Adversarial Warriors

This goal underlies many aspects of how we’re designing BioDreams™ games,
 starting with our use of our twin brother and sister’s dreams 
as the common setting for this entire series,
which offers 3 main benefits:

Mixing real science, fantasy & sci-fi

First, this enables us to mix real science 
with kids’ favorite fantasy/sci-fi elements, 
such as magic and futuristic gizmos, 
to yield more engaging narratives while defining an effective and versatile 
core theme for the series:
“Defeating evil magic with real science”.

Adventure in the safety of dreams

Second, this allows us to elegantly use danger to 
heighten excitement without having to address 
the potential death of player characters: 
in BioDreams™ games, failures never cause a character’s death, but rather, simply the end of that dream-game 
so that a new one can start.

Missions to find & rescue, NOT fight & kill

Another careful design choice to “train thinkers, not warriors” is to avoid 
driving game missions with direct fighting, battling, shooting or killing.
 While our BioDream™ games do include evil foils that provide narrative tension,
 our players’ missions will be driven more by empathy, 
e.g. rescuing victims of the evil wizard and figuring out 
how to block his further misdeeds,
rather than directly engaging in deadly battles.
In this way, we are anchoring our games’ moral dimension 
in empathy,
not aggression or retribution.

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